The Old Phoenix - Our restaurant terrace

Our restaurant

A few light snacks by the sea

Our restaurant is located on a shaded terrace overlooking the Libyan Sea. It is open from 8.15 in the morning to around 23.00 (our closing time will depend on how quiet or busy it is) and serves breakfast (8.15 to 11.00), lunch (13.00 to 16.30) and dinner (19.00 to 22.00) as well as drinks, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The restaurant at night

Our food is prepared daily in our kitchen from fresh ingredients. We try as far as possible to use local products: the cheese, yoghurt and meat are from our 500 goats and sheep, the fish is often caught by one of us. Fruit and vegetables are bought locally if possible.
In line with our way of life we do not produce fancy food but cook traditional Sfakian and Cretan fare where the quality and freshness of the ingredients counts more than elaborate cooking.
There is also plenty of choice for vegetarians.

You can get some idea of our prices here.

Our terrace also offers a free WiFi connection.