Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see replies to the most commonly asked questions about the Old Phoenix

Can you please let us know your room prices?

You can see a detailed and up-to-date price list on our Hotel page






Can we reserve room number (...enter any number) ?

Unfortunately, no, you can't. We are a small hotel with a limited number of rooms and often need to juggle them in order to fit arrivals and departures. Reserving specific rooms would severely limit our flexibility. If you have a favourite room mention it to us and we will keep it in mind when we allocate rooms but this is not something that we can guarantee. In general longer stays (over a week) have a better chance to get the room they want but that could also mean having to move room during your stay.

We tend to be more flexible when the hotel is quiet (which generally means in May and late October).

Do you have an internet connection?

We have free WiFi internet from our restaurant terrace. You won't get very fast speeds but it is generally good enough to check emails and your favourite web sites.

How do we best get to you from (...add any place) ?

Most of the common options are explained on the page Getting There

Where is the best place to park our car in Hora Sfakion?

You can park your car in the village square and on the way to the harbour. You might have to pay a small parking fee (it's not always the case which is why we are writing "might").

Can we come to you by road?

Yes you can come by road but it is not the shortest route (the ferryboat will take less time).

To get to us by road drive from Hora Sfakion to Anopolis (12 km) then on through the village towards Aradena (another 5km). Around 300m before reaching the bridge that leads to Aradena there is a sign at a left turn to Livaniana (8 km) and to the Old Phoenix. Take that turn and drive to Livaniana then follow the road that goes down to the left at the entrance of the village for another 3 km to the hotel. The road is now fully asphalted so OK for normal cars as long as you don't suffer from vertigo as the road is quite exposed at times.

Can you pick us up from Loutro ?

Please call the taxi boat directly to arrange your transfer.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we accept Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards but we do offer discounts for cash payments. If you need money there are two ATMs in Hora Sfakion and one in Loutro.

Can you arrange a taxi transfer to your hotel?

It is much simpler for everybody if you arrange your taxi transfer directly with our local taxi company.

Can you arrange a taxi boat transfer?

You can take a taxi boat provided the sea conditions are good. This is useful if you are arriving in Hora Sfakion after the last ferry to Loutro has left (generally around 18-00 to 19.15 depending on the time of the year - check the time-table). It is much easier if you contact the taxi boat directly and make your own arrangements. Please see the taxi boat page for contact details

Please note that it is not possible to pre-book a taxi boat days in advance from Hora Sfakion as we can never know if your planned time will be accurate. In this case phone the taxi boat when you are on your way to Hora Sfakion and have a clear idea of your arrival time.

What is the cost of a room with meals?

We don't have any BB, HB or Full Board prices but if you want to budget for your stay you can get an idea of our prices at our Restaurant page

Can I bring a dog?

Sorry but we have a strict no pets policy.

What is the weather like in (...add any month)?

Take a look at this page about the Cretan climate to get an idea of the weather througout the seasons. Our temperatures are generally a little higher than what is indicated on the page and the rainfall is much lower. Sea temperatures in our bay are a little cooler than the averages in northern Crete because of the numerous underwater fresh water springs.

And of course if your question doesn't have an answer here don't hesitate to email us.